Luke Lonergan Introduction

Luke LonerganServing as the CEO of Big Data Developer, LLC, Luke Lonergan has demonstrated a profound commitment to fulfilling his responsibilities. As the CEO, Luke is in charge of: board administration and support; program, product and service delivery; financial, tax, risk and facilities management; human resource management; community and public relations. Luke Lonergan sees to it that every aspect of the company is working smoothly and that the decisions he makes enhance the company’s general business health and well-being. Luke Lonergan is a dependable and supportive leader who recognizes the potential of everyone in the organization and who seeks to develop those in order that his team members may see their true worth. He measures his own success by how much he is able to influence those around him, through their wise actions and decisions that serve to strengthen the organization. Luke Lonergan has always been a kind leader whose heart is open to those in the organization.

Luke Lonergan is a visionary who sees the opportunities to change in the future in order to make the organization more robust and able to maintain its status at the forefront of the industry. He is a hardworking executive who is consistently fascinated with possibilities and who sees to it that everyone in the organization can have their chance to share what and how much they know. Luke is not one who takes suggestions as direct criticisms that degrade his ability as the leader. Rather, Luke is grateful for those suggestions as they imply that the team member is paying attention to what he aims for the company to achieve.

When he isn’t making tough decisions at the office, Luke Lonergan loves spending time with his family, with whom he shares his love for wine and cooking. Luke also goes skiing and is deeply fascinated with Space Exploration, Propulsion Systems, Music, Art, Architecture, SciFi, Artificial Intelligence, Fuel Cells, and more.

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